[meteorite-list] Is the Virus back?

From: Don Young <dcyoung1_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:35 2004
Message-ID: <3A3D2AEB.9A47878C_at_swbell.net>

Ok you all,
I've refrained from posting to the list since I got tired of
deleting the Snowhite E-Mails from my inbasket and brought this to
the attention of the list several days ago. I NEVER opened the
attachment to what I considered at best a sleezy spam, but instead sent
a nasty letter to the supposed sender and got an autoreply from a site
that someone had just set up to respond to the fictisious ID of
SEXFUN.NET. That is how I knew it was a virus and made my initial post
calling attention to it on the list......
Dave Andrews saw a SWBELL server out of St. Lewis Mo. and thought
it might be mine. (Guess it could still be but I don't know how.)
I'm in Dallas Tx. and supposedly go through servers in Hurst Tx. and
Richardson Tx. not St Lewis... BUT you never know in this fast
paced world where your stuff is going to be routed. Could go to
China to get back to the USA or from China to USA to get back to
the guy next door. So the short story is I've been in communication
with Dave, off list, to try to assure that IF I am spreading this WORM
it gets stopped and the rest of you don't have to suffer through
constantly deleting it.
I have spent hours researching and have not been able to connect
it to my PC.
SO-- I'm going to be brave and POST this to the list and hope that
none of us hear from Snowhite or her dwarfs agin. :-)
Anyway my thanks to David for all his help (if the virus shows up
from this post I'll be writing him agin). He has taught me alot
about how to track down the origin of an E-Mail. Thanks, David.
Just in case my current IP address for this post is
Which relates to: adsl-64-216-237-60.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net.
To check an IP go to: http://www.osilab.ch/services/dns_e.htm
So if you get a HAHAHA you will be able to check it and let me know.
Here is another great site for checking on Viruses, Hoaxes etc.
Hoaxes/viruses--- http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/hoax.html
Virus news letter--
Don Young (Faux-Oro) aka (Fools-Gold)
Have Cesium MagnetometerS
Will travel if you have a Site we can work together.
Have my own US METEORITE HUNTERS index by GPS Lat and Lon
and detailed maps for EACH meteorite..
Dallas, Texas
My Hobbies: Gold prospecting, Metal detecting and Meteorites
hobby pics:
Meteorites found at Odessa Tx. With mag. Lg 1 at 16"+, sm at 6"+
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