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From: Ginger Mayfield <chikadee_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:34 2004
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Today I received a very small piece of Ornans which Matt
Morgan was selling last weekend. I wanted a larger piece
but it went very fast. This is a most interesting meteorite
and looks very cool under the microscope so I took a picture
of it. My specimen is only 0.036 g but I thought some of
you might like to see it. Here is the information that came
with it.

Carbonaceous chondrite - CO3.3
Fell July 11, 1863, Doubs, France
Total known weight: 6 kg
After detonations, a stone of about 6 kg fell and broke into
pieces. This very special meteorite was chosen to represent
the O-type carbonaceous chondrites. Very little has been
made available through trades with museums. The specimen
was obtained from the Museum of Natural History-London.

It may be little but I'm real happy with it. Thanks, Matt.
Here's the link to the image. (Image done with an Olympus
C-2100 digital camera hand held to the eye piece of the
microscope - MBC-10, for those who want to know.)


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