[meteorite-list] The Sound or Falling Meteors

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:34 2004
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>>This morning, on the CNN website, there is a page that
talks about "the sound of falling meteors".

They're actually echoes from reflected radio waves that bounce
off of the ionization trails of meteoroids as they pass through the
Earth's atmosphere.<<

I use to listen to these echoes for a few years while simultaneously doing
visual work. They are short pieces of what's actually being transmitted over
the radio frequency you are using. If you are on the commercial FM band,
could be people talking, music and what have you. The short one's of say
under half a second reminds me of birds chirping. The longer one's from the
fireballs could end up being regular conversations lasting a few minutes.
Whatever the duration, they begin suddenly and often end quite suddenly.

Some remote weather stations utilize radio reflecting meteors to transmit the
accumulated weather data to a manned weather station. This is done by the
weather station transmitter storeing the info and somehow senses the presence
of a properly located meteor trail. When this is done, it suddenly transmits
the condensed data.
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