[meteorite-list] Re: Compelling Evidence for Life on Mars

From: Gary Hansen <garyhansen_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:34 2004
Message-ID: <20001213171149.25055.qmail_at_web6405.mail.yahoo.com>

Very interesting paper. To quote Bertrand Russell:
"important -- if true". It reminds me of the
conroversy surrounding Orgueil. (See
http://www.panspermia.org/magneto.htm) I believe
later research showed that the magnetotactic bacteria
were likely terrestrial interlopers. Also, it is hard
to imagine such life forms evolving in the parent body
of a CI carbonaceous chondrite, which is unlikely to
have a magnetic field.

The authors assert that the magnetite was found in
carbonate of known Martian origin. Making the case
against contamination will be harder.

Also, why did they publish in such an obscure journal?
 No one else would take it? If I had a finding like
that, my first call would be to Nature, second to the
New York Times.

Stay tuned, I guess.


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