[meteorite-list] Lunar Property??

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:33 2004
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It was relevent in that I was just trying to say that there is more than one
type of deed. You can sell your interest (with a quit claim deed) to any
type of property at all, no matter what country may or may not have
jurisdiction. I could sale your a quit claim deed to the vatican if I
wanted to.

Rhett Bourland

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But how can this be relevant to the Moon, which US law has no jurisdiction


Stuart Forbes
Edinburgh, Scotland
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>I took a real estate class with my wife who actually wanted to do that for
>while. I passed the class but didn't sit the exam to actually become
>licensed because I decided it just wasn't for me so maybe I can help shed
>some light into the legality onto one aspect of this.
>There is a type of deed called a quit claim deed. Basically, you're giving
>up your right to a piece of property. Its usually used in cases where a
>group of heirs inherrit a piece of property and one or more sell their
>to the others or to clear an ownership of a property from a previous share
>holder. The crazy thing about it is you don't actually have to any real
>claim to a property to sell your quit claim deed. If someone wanted to,
>they could sell their quit claim deed to any of your houses. It wouldn't
>worth much and they couldn't really take posesion because all they sold was
>their legal claim to your house (which was nothing at all).
>So, if anyone would like to purchase my quit claim deed to the Smithsonian
>or Field Musem let me know as I am currently taking offers. :)
>Rhett Bourland
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>Hello folks,
>When I tried accessing the url for this ebay listing, I got a message
>indicating access was denied. So here is the url for the page the item
>is listed on. Scroll down to the listing: "1777 acres of moon land
>serious investment".
>Is this an Xmas gift for the man who has everything, including perhaps
>the Brooklyn Bridge??
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