[meteorite-list] Lunar Property??

From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:33 2004
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Some joint Canadian/British company (Unfortunately I cant find the article
anymore - it actually made for fun reading)has sold 200,000 deeds to moon
property at $10 a shot. Part of the agreement is that you have to give other
deed holders access across your property so that they can physically get to
their own property. Their info packet says that the lunar agreement between
all nations is that governments cant make claims on moon ptoperty but that a
"loophole" in the world wide agreement lets individuals make claims to lunar
real estate. It goes on to say that the US government looked into their
claim and decided to not sue them after they investigated and found that
their claim was legal. Apparantly though they have yet to have a problem
with tresspassing and havent had complaints with other deed holders denying
anybody access. They call their sales offices "lunar embassys".
A similar type of thing was about 25 years ago when the US based (now long
bankrupt) Pan-Am airlines for $10 each sold an "airline ticket" that allowed
the holder to get priority seating on their planned commercial passenger
service to the moon in the not to distant future. They actually sold 600,000
of these $10 airline tickets and I regularly check e-bay to see if anybody
has offered one but none ever come up for sale.
So who wants to create a joint venture for martian real-estate? I am sure
that I can get some prime real estate really cheap but the meteorite rights
cost extra. I also have some prime ocean property at latitude 40 and
longatude 40 going really cheap. Better buy it fast before its (Literally)
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