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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:33 2004
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I've been studying a book recomended to me by our great colleague Bernd
entitled "A Color Atlas of Rocks and Minerals in Thin Section" (W.S.
MacKenzie & A.E. Adams - ISBN 1-874545-17-0 - paperback, 1994). I would
suggest to all of those who want to go beyond the "pretty colors" that this
is THE BOOK YOU WANT to put next to the 'scope and on the same shelf as
"Rocks from Space", etc.

If you've ever scientifically studied your meteorites, the papers you've
acquired talk about "twinning", "phenocrysts", "euhedral crystals",
"absorption color", "birefringence", "extinction angles", "zoning",
"alteration", etc. The clear definitions of these concepts are here and lots
more. Color charts will help you ID the minerals present in your thin
sections. Perfect color photos of ts's under cross polars of terrestrial
olivine, orthopyroxene, augite, anorthosite and clinopyroxene will enhance
your study of extraterrestrial varieties.

After reviewing this book, I'll also guess that many of us (myself included)
will likely consider acquiring a collection of Earth rock thin sections as a
useful comparative reference.........

Kevin Kichinka
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