[meteorite-list] Taking Offense

From: Joel Warren <marley2010_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:33 2004
Message-ID: <379983565.976336854754.JavaMail.root_at_web589-mc>

My what a love fest. I'm sure Blood feels all warm and fuzzy inside now. I
know you don't want to admit it, but there are people who feel like I do
about Michael Blood's self-rightesness. They don't say anything about it, I
do. I only say something about it when he tries to use a joke that I made,
about a comment that Farmer made, in order to show every one that Papa Blood
is the conscience of the meteorite collecting community. If you folks want
hiim to play that roll for you thats fine by me. He can be the pitcher and
you all can be the catcher. I personally don't need some burnt out liberal
hippie judging me. So, why don't Blood and his helpless puppy Dean that he
protects get together with you guys, all rub KY jelly over yourselves, burn
some candles, and congraulate each other on what upstanding fine people you
are. I'm outta here....

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From: Bernd Pauli HD <bernd.pauli_at_lehrer1.rz.uni-karlsruhe.de>
To: mlblood_at_home.com
Sent: December 8, 2000 11:18:58 PM GMT
Subject: [meteorite-list] Taking Offense

Joel Warren unkindly wrote:

> I took GREAT offense to ...'s comment.

I am taking offense to your harmful comments and
the way you twist other list members' comments.

> How he or anyone could ever imply that a camel would even consider biting
> ...'s butt is a blow to the camel world and all other animals in this

A tasteless, unmannerly, insensitive, and un-gentleman-like remark.

> Greetings, all,

Greetings Michael,

> It didn't take long for the tenor of this list to
> start to slip into the mud, did it. Sadly, Michael

I do agree !

> Oh please Michael, lighten up.

He doesn't have to "lighten up" because
his lights have never been "down".

> Maybe talking about warm beer and boxer day has
> more to do with meteorites than just a little joke.

Warm beer and Boxing Day do not hurt a person's
feelings. There is nothing obscene about them.

> ... just a little joke.

"Jokes" below the belt!

> You are obviously as self-righteous as ever.

Joel, look into a mirror and you'll find a
self-indulgent mirror image of yourself.

> Don't worry ..., I'll be nice from now on so
> you don't have to report me to teacher again.

Do not make promises that you are not inclined to keep anyway!
We have been there before, haven't we? When will you ever learn?!

> I hate to tell you ...

I don't!

> you are not the conscience of the meteorite collecting community

Nor are you and never will unless you learn how to behave decently!

Michael has been a member of this List long before I joined and even
longer before you surfaced. Never have I heard from Michael Blood's
mouth any indecencies that would even come close to the insults and
backstabbings that you chose to bother this List with before you
were expelled.

My advice, Mr Joel Warren: BEHAVE or BE GONE for good!

Best wishes,


P.S.: Actions speak louder than words!

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