[meteorite-list] Hidden identity

From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:32 2004
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Dear Followers of this thread,
Last I heard, Mr. Warren was shoveling sheep dung in Pakastan after being
deported from Libya for trading goats for boats for meteorites. I have no idea
why Jake Marley doesn't admit that Joel is his ugly twin and he was left
behind on the Libyan expedition by his much better esteemed brother due to
being shall we say....weird.
Pits don't fall far from the tree. Neither do sheep droppings.
My thought for the day: fess up bud
D. Freeman

Jake Marley wrote:

> Being a HUGE fan of Joel Warren, and following his stellar record, I can
> speak on his behalf that he has only been suspended ONCE, only ONCE. I have
> word that Mr. Warren is currently doing work with the Peace Corp and
> treating sick childern and old folks in the dark heart of Africa. I'll try
> and get a message to him that your best thoughts are with him.
> J.M.
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> mlblood_at_home.com writes:
> << This is Joel Warren, isn't it? Come on - be strait. >>
> Cap'n Blood, you want him to be "George Strait" now? Rather have George
> Benson back. Better music.
> Is this a case of fake-Jake? Will we see a list-record third suspension,
> same-person-but-3rd-different-I.D.? Will "Jacob Marley" become the Ghost
> of
> Christmas, Presently? Film at 11:00. Stay tuned.
> Gregory
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