From: Mike Farmer <farmerm_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:32 2004
Message-ID: <3A2EC8AC.8B951EAE_at_concentric.net>

I am in a money crunch and need to liquidate some key pieces from my
personal meteorite collection. I am saddened to have to offer some of my
favorite pieces but I need to raise some cash.

I have the following items available, you may see them on my website
collection page. I will also cut some good deals where I can on website
meteorites for sale.

Here is the primary list, if there is anything else you are interested
in, feel free to ask. Some items I will not sell, but some may go.

Esquel, needs no further description, 292.61 gram partslice, $5500.00

Dimmitt, 912 gram complete perfect stone, Monnig collection $1000.00

Columbus, 7.15 gram fragment $100.00

Imilac, look no further for a 1.5 mm thick huge slice weighing 183
grams, ALL transluscent, $4500.00

Weston, FELL 1808, 30.67 gram fragment from ASU, others are selling this
rare of the rare historic fall for $200 gram, I want less than 50% that
price! $2500.00

Ziz, cool new and very rare Sahara desert iron, looks like Sikhote-Alin,
173.5 gram individual, $400.00

Vaca Muerta, beautiful 54 gram endcut, FRESH, METAL not the ugly
fragmented weathered crap that has been available for the last two
years. $600.00

Barwell, this is it, I got this in a trade and they will give no more,
RARE British fall, less than 50% what other major dealers have sold for,
and no more is out there, partslice 43.1g with fusion crust. $1700.00

Udei Station, rare silicated iron fall, SUPERB partslice, 22.64 grams

Tucson, needs no further description! RARE Is it. 6.79 grtam partslice.

Sahara 97105, EH3, slice 10.25g, $250.00

Morasko, rare iron from Poland, beautiful piece, very cheap! Full slice
246g $500.00

Leedey, 16.16 gram partial endcut from Monnig collection, Dupont.

Dar al Gani 443, Eucrite, polimict. 4.07 gram slice, beautiful only 255
grams TKW. $300.00

North Chile, Hexahedrite, 71.48 gram partslice. $500.00

Mike Farmer
Meteorite Hunter
Received on Wed 06 Dec 2000 06:15:56 PM PST

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