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From: Donald Blakeslee <blakesle_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:32 2004
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David Freeman posted a message about the relative lack of meteorite finds
in Wyoming. I know of only one from Wyoming that might have come from a
site. The old Catalogue has

Lusk, WY 42 46N 104 21W sliver of iron shale found while hunting for
Indian arrowheads

In Montana, on the other hand, the Livington meteorite was found in a late
period burial under a stone cairn. Which brings up another suspicious
find: Nininger's Cottonwood, AZ, meteorite was found by him when he was
investigating some unusual piles of boulders. My archaeologist's brin
immediately says "cairns?"

Your comments on George Frison are right on the mark IMHO. I've known
George since I was a student, and I have always admired his work. In fact,
the students from one of my classes on Plains archaeology once reponded to
the fact that I gave so many glowing reviews of his work by giving me the
Frison award at the end of the semester: it consisted of a very nice
drawing of a jump site at which a single bison was driving a herd of people
who looked a lot like me over a cliff.
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