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From: Treiman, Allan <Treiman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:32 2004
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Hi, all -
   The Bench Crater meteorite was found during a study of rock fragments in
Apollo 12 soil
(the "coarse fines" fraction). It is known only as a single fragment 3mm x
1.5 mm in a thin section
of rock fragments. The fragment was recognized as weird in 1971, but not
described until
1976. (I guess the real lunar rocks were first in line). Its classification
is a bit iffy. Rephrasing from
Zolensky et al 1996, Bench Crater resembles a pyrrhotite-rich CM1 clast in
the Kaidun breccia -
it has the chemical composition of a CM2 meteorite, but with hydrous
silicates (clays and serpentine)
replacing the olivine, pyroxene etc. Bench crater is the only rock from on
the moon that contains
water-bearing minerals.
Allan T

McSween H.Y.Jr. (1976) A new type of chondritic meteorite found in lunar
soil. Earth Planet.
Sci. Lett. 31, 193-199.

Zolensky M.E., Weisberg M.K., Buchannan P.C. and Mittlefehldt D.W. (1996)
Mineralogy of
carbonaceous chondrite clasts in howardites, eucrites, and the Moon.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 31,

Zolensky M.E. (1997) Structural water in the Bench Crater chondrite returned
from the Moon.
Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 32, 15-18.

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> I was flipping through the carb chondrite section of the new Catalogue and
> noticed the only CM1 is called Bench Crater. Guess where it was found...
> In a sample of lunar soil from the Apollo 12 Landing Site. I have to say,
> that is one of the sweetest "finds" I have ever heard of! Anyone else
> have
> info on this one?
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