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From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:37:31 2004
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Dear Donald and List;
I seem to remember that recently there was a super big court case up Washington
or Oregon way involving native Americans and their interests in meteorites as
spiritual items and that repatriation at all costs was the preferred
alternative, meaning plenty of lawyers (we all love lawyers) and the rocks and
bones go back to the earth.

So, I feel that to openly hunt meteorites as artifacts is looking for trouble
and I am unanimous in that. As soon as there is some news of meteorites and
arch. sites, you can bet that the tribes will get involved, and in the case of
the western states, the BLM archaeologists will get involved and its good bye
meteorites. As some of you already know, one day all of the bones will be
replanted, and the artifacts (including arrowheads) will all be repatriated as
well. Wait for another fifty years and see.
Just my opinion in dealing with artifacts, arch. sites and meteorites. Science
is grand as long as it doesn't become too self serving, sort of like religion.
Happy Holidays!
Best rocks,
Dave F.

Donald Blakeslee wrote:

> Hello to all:
> I am new to the list and am interested in communicating with those of you
> who actively search for meteorites in the field. I am an archaeologist
> interested in Native American uses of meteorites and am hoping to find some
> new information from some of you.
> I have been combing the literature for references to meteorites from
> archaeological sites and have found quite a few, but there I keep running
> into problems of various sorts. First, most archaeologists wouldn't know a
> meteorite if it hit them on the head, so an unknown number that have been
> excavated have not been reported as such. For instance, iin the report of
> the old excavations at Pecos, there is a brief mention of some small dark
> brown rocks that are very heavy for their size. Since they were found with
> a few other items that relate to ritual, there is a good possibility that
> they are meteorites.
> A second problem is with the meteorite literature, and that's where I hope
> you can help me. Many of the find spots are described so poorly that it is
> impossible to tell whether the meteorite was in association with any
> artifacts. The Winona meteorite was found with some charcoal adhering to
> its oxidation crust, which might be a clue. The Lost Draw meteorite was
> found by an artifact collector, according to the Catalogue of Meteorites.
> Seems to me that this is a clue; where else would an artifact collector be
> looking than on an archaeological site? Actually, I have a report that two
> more meteorite fragments were found on an archaeological site near Lost
> Draw, so there may be a strewn field there (West Texas).
> So here's my request: Do you know of any meteorites that have been found
> fairly recently in spots that also yield artifacts? Or meteorites that
> appear to have been modified by people (other than cutting and slicing)?
> Also, meteorites found on top of prominent hills (the Pawnees, among
> others, put meteorites in such places)? I already have the information in
> the 1975 Catalogue of Meteorites and in Buchwalds' volume on iron
> meteorites and Nininger's old article on meteorites from archaeological
> sites, but I know there are likely to be many more> Can you help?
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